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Welcome to the offical documentation site for Tinyportal!


Documentation For TinyPortal Beta Releases

TP 1.0.*

This is the documentation for TinyPortal Version 1.05, unofficially released on 4/1/08 as part of a April Fools joke. However the Official Release was on 4/5/08.

Major changes from previous version: added panels, major article enhancements, block enhancements, blockcodes, modules, plugins, and SMF theme useage (TP theme no longer required)...

TP .98

This is the documentation for TinyPortal version .98. This was the second Officially Released version of TinyPortal on 3/19/2007, in which it functioned as portal software. The first release was TP .95, which no documention for it exists.

Changes from previous version is unclear, as it was released long ago...

Documentation For WebMaster's

WebMaster FAQ

This is documentation of common FAQ for WebMaster, or anyone interested in making any kind of website, but mostly pertaining to TinyPortal or Simple Machines Forum.

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