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When you want to create a new block, you use the the links on the blocks overview page. In each panel's title there is a link to create a block in that particular panel. Once you do that, a new screen appear that let you choose which type of block you want.

The types you can use are these:
  • User - all the user details, if not a user then a login box is shown
  • News - this shows the random news also shown in SMF "news"
  • Stats - shows some statistics from your forum, along with a list over visitors.
  • Search - a nice search box to search the forum
  • BBC - you can use any BBC-codes in this box
  • Online - a simple list over all visitors
  • Themes - a drop-down menu for picking another theme
  • Menu - shows the menu you have created in menu manager
  • PHP code - use any PHP codes here. Omit the signs, they are not needed.
  • HTML & Javascript code - you can use any simple HTML and added javascript in this box
  • Recent - shows the most recent topics on the forum
  • SSI - a number of extra functions from the SSI.php file
  • Articles / Download functions - a box showing a selection of articles or downloads
  • RSS - a box showing a RSS feed of your choice
  • Sitemap - this show any module you have installed + any menu manager item you have selected to be inside this sitemap block
  • Single article - show a single article. Adopts some of the visual options for articles
  • Articles in a category - shows all articles in a category in a simple list
  • TPmodule - extra functions tied to the modules installed

Once this is chosen, you will be taken to the edit block screen, for further editing of the block.

Doc last updated 09/03/2020 by @rjen

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