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September 22, 2010

The TinyPortal team is pleased to announce the release of TinyPortal 1.0

Most notable fixes:
  • Fixed block display permissions. Blocks were showing for guests when ungrouped members were selected.
    Admin permissions were not respected in all instances either.
  • Many display issues with foreign characters in articles and blocks fixed.
  • Updated TP sources for SMF2 to use $smcFunc.
  • Fixed front page display issues with Article/Topic ordering issues.
  • Pagination not counting items properly for select front page options.
  • Added default values when creating categories to keep from causing display issues and errors.
  • Layout type for links display fixed.
  • Updated the whizzywig editor
  • Added shoutbox display names to be member group color
  • Downloads descriptions display BBC or HTML properly.
  • Deleting an empty download item no longer deletes a file from FTP when no item is meant to be selected in drop down.
  • Allowed < center > tag for block titles.
  • Many other minor errors, not worth mentioning.
- Added navigation to almost all tpadmin functions.
- fixed some inconsistencies in TPadmin layout.
- Theme block didn't redirect to where it was. fixed.
- fixed issue where panels did not show on certain actions, when set to show on all forum actions.(collapsing boards, posting, search results etc.)
- Fixed entity problems with block titles and edit block screen.
- Added text entry for viewing the forum in Whos Online section.
- Add menu textbox did not show in IE8 because of missing tags. Fixed.
- Menu items was removed from Sitemap block if menu block was off. Fixed.
- Wrong links for adding HTML/BBC articles inside the "tinyportal" menu.
- forum button didn't highlight when in board/topic. Fixed.
- Fixed errors in the TP section of member profile.
- dates on article titles for frontpage did not use language choice.Fixed.
- Frontblocks meant for guests was also shown for members. Fixed.
- Shoutbox admin was encoding entities upon save, but not decoding when fetched.
- More fixes for bugs discovered in beta5.
- Some changes on default styles in TP.

Code Changes Developed 11/25/2015 By: Bloc & IchBinâ,,¢