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TinyPortal is designed to allow the administrator to select who can post and moderate articles by membergroup.

If you wish to enable article submission by membergroup on your site, simply go to:
"Admin> Members > Permissions > General Permissions >" Select the membergroup that you want to allow article writing for your site.

Then, in the next screen, you will find several TinyPortal permissions, including the Article permissions.

Submitting articles
Users that have permissions to submit articles can create a new article from the TinyPortal menu: "Tinyportal > My articles > Write Article".

From these menu options users may create articles with limited functionality: it offers the possibility to create a full HTML of BBC article with the main text and short description. Upon saving the new article it wil become available for approval by the TP administrators. Note that it is not possible to allow users to submit PHP articles: this is for security reasons.
Approving submitted articles
To review and approve submitted articles you can go to the Tinyportal menu: "Tinyportal > Articles and Categories".
Then press the button [Submissions]

Here you see all articles which have been submitted but not approved yet. You can now review the submitted article, change it and approve it it you find it is suitable for display in your site.

Doc Written By: Xarcell
Doc Updated 10/27/2015 By: Ken
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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