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You can find the Frontpage settings via menu option"Tinyportal > Settings > Frontpage".
Here will will find many settings that are similar to the settings available in the Panel and Article settings. All settings here are only applicable to the frontpage and override similar article settings if set differently.

Here you find the following settings:

What to display on frontpage:
Here you can choose what you want to include in your frontpage.
To effectively de-activate the frontpage set this to Go directly to forum index
  • Promoted topics only: show only topics that have been selected to be promoted to the frontpage
  • Promoted topics + articles - sorted on date: combination of topics selected to be promoted to the frontpage and selected articles
  • Only forum-topics: show forum-topics from the selected news boards
  • Forum-topics and articles - sorted on date: combination of forum-topics from selected boards and selected articles
  • Only articles: selected articles
  • Featured article with frontpanel: article set as 'featured' in combination with blocks assigned to the frontpanel
  • Frontpanel only: show only blocks assigned to the frontpanel
  • Go directly to forum index: skips the frontpage
How frontpanel will be shown with content:
The frontpanel can only display on the frontpage and nowhere else. Where other panel blocks can display anywhere, even the front page.
Options: [Radio button]
  • Hide frontpanel, unless otherwise selected:
  • Frontpanel will be added before content:  The front panel will show above other content, (content being) promoted posts, or articles.
  • Frontpanel will be added after content:  The front panel will show below other content, (content being) promoted posts, or articles.
Upper, Lower, Top, and Bottom blocks will all show as normal if enabled.

Additional panels to display on frontpage:
Select the panels you want displayed on the front page
(For frontpage only, this overrides any panel that has been turned on, but is also overridden by an article's "single page" option.)
Options: [Multi-selection]
  • Display left panel
  • Display right panel
  • Display top panel
  • Display upper panel
  • Display lower panel
  • Display bottom panel

Articles layout for the frontpage:
Choose one of the pre-defined layouts available. Experiment what options fit best with the information in your articles.
Options: [Different layout options with radio button]

Layout types:
  • normal articles
  • 1st normal + avatars
  • articles + icons
  • articles + icons2
  • simple articles
  • 1st avatar + links
  • normal + links
  • just links
  • use custom template
Custom template code:
In this code block you can completely define your own layout according to your requirements. Some understanding of HTML coding is required though. To activate this code block it is required that you select "Use custom template" option for Layout.
(To reset custom layout, clear all text below and save)
Options:[text block with code]

Number of posts/articles to display on frontpage:
This is related to the setting below. Whatever number you set is the number of posts that will appear on your frontpage from the boards you select.

Sorting order for articles on frontpage:
Define how articles will be sorted when included in the frontpage. Note that this setting only works if display is set to 'Only articles' on the frontpage.

Allow full display of forum-topics on the frontpage
Options: [Yes] / [No]
[Yes]: user's will get to see it, regardless of your SMF setting.
[No]: user's will "not" get to see it, regardless of your SMF setting.

Display forum-posts on frontpage from:
There is a multi-select box with all boards to choose from. Selection of any of the boards will make the latest topic of that board appear on your frontpage.

Number of characters to display per forum-topic:
This setting controls the length of your forum topics on the frontpage from the previous 2 settings. This way, the posts on the frontpage don't get outrageously long if the original post is long.

Show avatars in forum-topics:
Only effective when forum-posts are included in the Frontpage
Options: [on] / [off]

Use first post attachment preview as icon:
Currently only works using Category layouts 3 and 4
Options: [on] / [off]

Once you have finished with your frontpage settings, just click save and you're done!

Doc Written By: Xarcell
Last updated 25-08-2020 by @rjen

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