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DL Manager allows you to upload files, and even set which membergroups are allowed to upload. In the Settings screen of DL Admin there is a setting that will put all uploads into a submission queue. An single menu tab called "submissions" will highlight once any submissions have been made then.

The setting for uploading has 2 options - the first let all allowed membergroups upload instantly, and the other one will put all in submission queue. Note that both settings will need a "permission to upload" for the groups , which you set in the normal permissions screen of SMF Admin panel. The actual file upload screen can be reached from the DL manager frontpage or DL admin page.

Reviewing submissions in the Download manager can be made from the TPdownloads Admin screen, found via menu "Tinyportal > Settings > Modules". To access the Admin screen click on the link "Downloads Admin".

When you enter the DL Admin screen, you are presented with an overview over what categories you have currently, how many files they contain and a set of tool icons to edit/delete them.

To review any new submissions click the [Submissions] button.

If any submissions are displayed this is where you can review, edit and approve them.

Doc written 08/15/2018 by @rjen

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