News: February 9, 2019 - TP Docs is now updated to Version 1.6.2...!

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February 5, 2019


This release includes the following fixes:

Relevant to SMF 2.0 only:
- Wysiwyg editor working again in 2.0.15 for members creating html articles
- check for minimum PHP version added to install.php

Relevant to SMF 2.0 and 2.1:
- sanitised text strings 'upper panel' and 'center panel' to always state upper panel
- 'Forum' text in linktree converted to text string
- discontinued Google+ social button per April 2019
- frontpage settings 'what to show' updated descriptions for promoted posts
- topics only showing 'Promote to frontpage' button when frontpage setting is relevant
- fixed frontpage setting 'Use first post attachment preview as illustration'
- frontpage icon layout updated to show the first attached image for posts without cropping
- fixed issue Lower blocks showing on articles even when turned off via article
- fixed small layout issue with mini calendar blockcode
- copyright updated to 2019

Relevant to SMF 2.1 only:
- fixed the 'Read more' links for frontpage articles or posts not showing correctly  
- fixed the themes block, where the thumbnail wasn't showing
- panel collapse icons repositioned
- fixed the category and frontpage layouts to be more compatible with 2.1
- fix for 'Undefined index:' url messages for calendar
- fix for linktree showing a forum link even when turned off via article
- fix for 'Undefined index:' errors in shoutbox due to changed text strings for RC1
- fix for TP menu icons not showing in RC1
- adapted smiley logic to follow RC1 adaptations.
November 30, 2018

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October 15, 2018

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July 9, 2018

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May 7, 2018

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February 28, 2018

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February 8, 2018

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June 24, 2017

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December 2, 2015

What's new in TP 1.2

  • Many bug fixes
  • Fix Latest comments link
  • Fix Delete comments button for guests
  • Restore redirect when editing articles
  • Remove broken CAPTCHA
  • Remove permissions for guests
  • Fix minor issues with installer
  • Move css to css folder
  • Update the css for shoutbox and article comments
  • Align long items in menu block
  • Minor changes to category header when looking at article listing
  • Fix error related to layout
  • PNG images uploaded may have a transparent background now
  • Add avatar to user block
  • Add top posters block code
  • Fix Do not use SMF templates error
  • fixes for the recent topics block, update to be similar to SSI.

Code Developed 11/25/2015 By: lurkalot & Illori
... with input and guidance from Bloc & IchBin™
September 10, 2015

After a very long break the TinyPortal Team is pleased to announce the released of TinyPortal 1.1.

What's new in TP 1.1

General Updates:
  • General code clean-up.
  • Removed SMF1.x support.
  • Removed Tagging system, as it never really worked out.
  • Added read more link for forum posts as articles on front page.
  • Changed error logging when guests try to hit non-existing articles.
  • Added guest permission for comments
  • Updated social icons for sharing article
  • A little bit of caching added. Should reduce some queries.
  • Using more hooks for less file edits to install.
  • Moved the promote button to integrate_display_buttons hook, instead of being in its own space/layer.
  • Fixed errors with "forum_name" and "subtabs".
  • Several cosmetic changes overall, less use of TP styles and more of common SMF styles.

Shoutbox updates:
  • Added ajax to shout/delete without page refresh.
  • Added timer to ajax update shouts for time specified.
  • The option to submit the shout by pressing enter.
  • Option to choose between 2 layouts.
  • Added option to allow/disallow links in shoutbox.
  • Shout smiley's should now pull from SMF smiley's.
  • Added "bubble" style to shouts, pure CSS-based.
  • Fixed long-time error with guest shouts.
  • Added option to set a shout-header, using HTML/BBC tags.
  • Single-shout block-code upgraded with newer code.
  • Add browser specific CSS to handle word-wrapping in shouts.

Code Changes Developed 11/25/2015 By: Bloc, IchBin™, lurkalot & Illori
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