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TinyPortal offers functionality that allows you to use 'Language visibility' for blocks. This functionality can be very powerful if you are running a forum with multiple languages.
With Tinyportal you can choose per block what language it is relevant for. With this setting you can choose to show a block to users logged in a specific language, and show another block to users using another language.
Examples below illustrate the possibilities: showing the same page to a user logged in in English and one logged in using the Dutch language.

Logged in in English

Logged in in Dutch

How to use this option?
Upon installation of Tinyportal the Language visibility option will be switched OFF by default. When you access the block settings for a block you will see the language visibility option with a warning message, pointing out that the  language visibility setting is off. As long as the setting is off the blocks will show regardless of the user language.

Language visibility is an additional setting for controlling when blocks are visible in the panels: the settings that choose where the block should appear will always be respected: if the settings do not allow the block to show, setting language visibility will also not make it show.

The setting to activate the language visibility is under Tinyportal > Settings & Frontpage.
You will find it under Use language visibility option for blocks.

Once you change the setting to Yes, the block language visibility settings will immediately take effect. Please note: blocks with no selected language will NOT show for any user, also not to admins

The trick to making your site using blocks in the user language is to create language specific blocks. In the example below you see two blocks that are specifically created for the English language and the Dutch language.

Note that it is not always needed to create separate blocks per language: many Tinyportal blocks are in fact suitable for multiple languages (as long as the corresponding Tinyportal language pack is installed). The User block as an example.
For these blocks you can simply use one block and select all languages for which you want it to show. In order to present users with the correct block title you only may need to maintain the language dependent block titles for the block.

Have fun!

Doc Written 07-06-2019 by @rjen
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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