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Adding a category to the DL manager is as simple as pressing the "add category" link in DL Admin screen. You will be taken to a new page where you can supply a title and a descriptive text for the category. You can also choose an icon to be displayed along with the category, as well as specify if it should rather be a child-category of another.

Settings for the Download manager can be made from the TPdownloads Admin screen, found via menu "Tinyportal > Manage TPdownloads"

To access the Admin screen click on the "TPdownloads" icon or admin menu option.

When you enter the DL Admin screen, you are presented with an overview of all download categories you have currently, how many files they contain and a set of tool icons to edit/delete them.

Editing a category can be done by clicking the tool icon right next to each category. Note that pressing the link will just take you into the files inside it - not to edit category screen.

To add a new category click the [Add Category] button.

Specify a short title for the new category.
Options: [Text area]

Query title:
This text will replace the category-id in the page url if used.
Without a value the url will be displayed as: .../index.php?cat=92
if a value is added (eg. "Articles") the url will show as: .../index.php?cat=Articles
Options: [entry field]

This allows for a longer description of the category, use this if this meets your requirements. You may also leave the description empty.
Options: [Text area]

Select an icon for your category.
Options: [Selection list of Icons]

Parent category:
Assign a parent category if applicable.
Options: [Selection list of download categories]

Allowed membergroups:
Access permissions will dictate who will see this category and are very important to set up correctly. If no groups are chosen then only admin will see it once you browse the DL manager section later on.
Options: [Multi-selection of membergroups in your forum]

Written 08/15/2018 by @rjen.
Last updated 08-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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