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Tinyportal adds Extended Search to the SMF search page, allowing you to search for portal content.  

Please note that the article contents and downloads are NOT part of the standard SMF search engine and must be searched throught the TinyPortal functions. This search function is available to all visitors of your forum, be it that the links to the Extended search are found in the standard SMF search action. If users do not have permissions to search your forum they may not find the TP extended search function.

You can therefor also include the function in a block (as available in this site) for easy access.

Search Articles
Searching articles can be useful if there is a lot of content (like for example in this docs site). The scope of the search is limited by permissions: only results will be displayed for content that the user has permission to see.
The article search interface is easy to navigate: enter your search string into the text block, choose to search titles and / or article texts and press [Search]
And a clickable list of search results will be presented...

Note in screenprint above the text about using operators: this text only displays when the "Advanced search functionality" in TinyPortal has been activated. See how to do this in the  Settings.

The operators shown are the most commonly used once.
The full set of available operators is listed below:
  • + include, the word must be present.
  • - exclude, the word must not be present.
  • * wildcard at the end of the word.
  • > Include, and increase ranking value.
  • < Include, and decrease the ranking value.
  • () Group words into subexpressions (allowing them to be included, excluded, ranked, and so forth as a group).
  • ~ Negate a word’s ranking value

Search Downloads Manager
The same easy-to-use interface is available for searching in TPDownloads.

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