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Installing TinyPortal is a simple as installing any MOD in de SMF software: using the package manager installing TP in your forum can be done in seconds. The recommended procedure is described here.

Important: Please Un-install any existing Version Of Tinyportal Before Installing!

First and most importantly: make a backup of your forum. If you are not sure how to do that, you can use this guide: How Do I Create A Backup Of My Site?

Second: download the latest version of TinyPortal from: TinyPortal Featured Download

Third: in your SMF forum go to "Admin > Package Manager > Download Packages > Package to Upload > Browse >" then select the TP package that you downloaded and click "Upload".

Fourth: once the TinyPortal package has been successfully uploaded click on the "Install Mod" link.

Finally: assuming everything tested successfully, with no red 'Test failed' warnings showing, click on the "Install Now" link and you're all done!

*However, if it shows "Test failed", you may need to manually install TinyPortal. You can read instructions on how to do that here: How Do I Manually Install TinyPortal?

If you are experienced and confident with what you are doing, you can proceed to install even though it says "Test failed", and manually modify those files using the guidelines from the manual install guide mentioned previously.

Useful Links:
SMF 2.0 Package manager ...A Doc on the SMF Package Manager and file permissions.

Doc Written 01/09/2010 By: Bloc
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