July, 2023 - TP Docs is now running on the newest version of TinyPortal Version 2.3.1.!

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Upgrading TinyPortal to the latest version is a simple process using the package manager. The recommended procedure is described here.

For simplicity reasons all TinyPortal installs require that you uninstall any existing version of TinyPortal.
During the uninstall you will have an option to delete existing data or not: make sure that you leave the existing data intact and the TinyPortal installer will leave the tables with the data intact. It will update the tables to the latest definitions if needed and all your existing articles and blocks will work as they did in the previous version.

Please note: the TinyPortal upgrader is designed to upgrade from any version to the latest, but these upgrades are a "one way street": once upgraded, you will not be able to downgrade to the previous version unless you secure your own backup of the database before you upgrade.

A quick overview of the procedure to upgrade while keeping the data intact.

The first steps to download and upload the install package are described here:

Step Four: once the TinyPortal package has been successfully uploaded you first uninstall the old version by clicking on the "Uninstall Mod" link.

When you uninstall TinyPortal you have an option to choose "remove all data associated with this modification". See the image below.

This option is by default not selected, and it you leave it at that all TP tables with their content will stay in your database. The data is stored in your forum database in tables that start with " _tp_". You can see the list of tables if you click on the "Details"  dropdown button..

Then when you install the newer version of TinyPortal our installer will check for the existence of the tables, and if they are already there, they will not be created, but checked and updated if needed: it may update the table definitions if these have changed between versions, but all your data will remain in place...

Step Five: once the TinyPortal package has been successfully uploaded click on the "Install Mod" link.

Finally: assuming everything tested successfully, with no red 'Test failed' warnings showing, click on the "Install Now" link and you're all done!

*However, if it shows "Test failed", you may need to manually install TinyPortal. You can read instructions on how to do that here: How Do I Manually Install TinyPortal?

Upon installation completion you will see a summary of the install activities.

Close this to start using your upgraded install.

Doc Written 12-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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