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November 30, 2018

What's new in TP 1.6.1.

Bugs Fixed (2.0.x and 2.1):
  • Defaults added to all database columns for Strict MySQL
  • Fixed install issue with Fulltext search: check that FTS is supported in install
  • Fixed non-functioning sorting on user profile article list and download list
  • Fixed TPdownloads introtext being parsed for BBC incorrectly
  • Fixed TPdownloads introtext showing on other pages than 'main'
  • Fixed non functioning setting 'Show category descriptions inside file listings?'
  • Fixed recent and stats showing in TPdownloads when no files are listed
  • Fixed screenshot thumbnail not showing in TPdownloads
  • Fixed link to obsolete block type "admin links"
  • Fixed bugs in code snippet "List articles in categories"
Bugs Fixed (2.1 only):
  • Fixed BBC editor to be selectable for articles, downloads and shoutbox in 2.1
  • shoutbox adapted to work with smiley sets with different extensions
  • Fixed missing 'new' icons in 2.1 TP blocks and code snippets for recent topics
  • Fixed missing .gif images in 2.1 TP stats block
  • Fixed TP user block not showing open moderation reports in 2.1
Features Added:
  • Added Gravatar support (2.1 only)
  • Membergroup colour highlighting added on user names for Shoutbox posts or entire Portal/Forum
  • Two new Shoutbox layouts for a more compact display
  • Myarticles page & TPDownloads admin lists updated to 2.1 style
  • Sorted admin selection lists for easier navigation in large lists (board selection in TPDownload and TP settings: board order, article/article category/dlcategory: alphabetically)
  • Added "no submissions" text for article submissions screen

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