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After you have created your block you'll need to sort through all of the settings and with some blocks those settings can be somewhat extensive. So, in this topic we will explore those settings in a bit more detail.

Please note that some blocks will not have these exact same settings, but many do.

To edit the block settings you need to go to the block in question. To edit a block, go to menu option TinyPortal > Panels and blocks > Blocks. The screen below is shown. In this screen all panels are displayed with the blocks that are already created. To change the settings for a block in a panel, scroll to the panel you want to use for the block and click on the EDIT icon ( ) next to the relevant block.

This will bring you to the settings page of the block type you selected. Here you will name your block (title), and select one of it's several display options.

These are the following display options to choose from:

Block Style:
As seen in this image, there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. The default setting is "Use panel style".
This setting determines the style used for displaying the block. If a specific style is chosen for a block, the block style will take priority over the panel style.

You may wish to try several of them to see which one works best with your site.

Available styles in SMF 2.0 are:

Available styles in SMF 2.1 are:

Use one of the available styles for the block. The styles are from your theme and may look different from standard SMF Curve theme.

Frame options:
Choose what part of the previously picked Style needs to be applied for the block: title, frame, both or none...
  • Use frame and title style from theme
  • Use frame style, but not title style
  • Use just the title style
  • Do not use title/frame styles

Allow block to collapse:
Set if visitors are allowed to collapse the block or not.
  • Allow block to collapse
  • Do not allow block to collapse

Choose your membergroups that will able to see this block:
Who can view the block. Note that if none are chosen, it will only display it to admin.
  • There will be a list of all membergroups to select from.
  • "Toggle all" membergroups option

Choose your extra membergroups that can edit this block only:
Who can edit block. Note that "manage_blocks" and "admin" permission always give this right regardless.
  • There will be a list of all membergroups to select from.
  • "Toggle all" membergroups option

Block title per language.
Here you can add a custom block title for any installed language - except for default. If you have multiple languages installed additional title fields will be shown that allow for language-specific titles.

Block visible for these languages
Upon installation of TinyPortal the Language visibility option will be switched OFF by default. When you access the block settings for a block you will see the language visibility option with a warning message, pointing out that the language visibility setting is off. As long as the setting is off the blocks will show regardless of the user language. Language visibility is an additional setting for controlling when blocks are visible in the panels: the settings that choose where the block should appear will always be respected. If the settings do not allow the block to show, setting language visibility will also not make it show.

Choose where the block should appear.:
Settings in this section allow you to very specifically target where the block will be displayed: it can be set to show "everywhere" in the forum (use: Display on all pages and sections) or show on specific sections, pages or articles.
  • Actions: Show for this action(drop-down list of actions, or specify custom action name(s), comma separated).
  • Boards: Show when inside this board (selection list of available options).
  • Articles: Show when viewing this article (selection list of available options).
  • Article categories: Show when viewing this category listing (selection list of available options).
  • TPdownloads: Show inside TP Download Manager (selection list of available categories)

Doc Written 12/06/2015 By: Ken.
Last updated 09/03/2020 by @rjen

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