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When you assign a block to a panel it will by default be positioned in the first location in the panel (top position or left position). When adding more blocks into a panel you may find that you want to reposition the blocks in a panel. To position your blocks in a panel, you select the position for the block as you create it, or just change it's current position later.

To change the position of your blocks, start by going to: "TinyPortal > Panels and Blocks > Blocks". Here you will see your list of existing blocks, under each panel type.
There are several ways to position your blocks:

Change Block Numerical Position:
The position indicators are listed under the heading Pos. The blocks may be sorted in another order on the screen: clicking on the heading Pos will sort the blocks according to their position in the list.
  • The numbers are automatically posted in this field to list the order in which they are positioned. You can manually adjust these numbers to the order you desire, then click save.
  • There are also up/down arrows that you can click to bump each one up or down.

Change Block Panel Position:
To the right of your block title, type, and on/off images will be panel position icons.
  • Click any of these icons to change the panel that the block is in.
Note: You can hover over any of the arrow icons and a tool tip will inform you of it's function.

Doc Written 11/11/2015 By: Ken.
Last updated 09/03/2020 by @rjen

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