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Most settings related to articles can be found in the definition of the article itself. You can find these here: Article specific settings. Some settings in TinyPortal can be made for ALL articles. These settings control general visual options and the general control of the WYSIWYG Editor included in TinyPortal.

In order to access these general article settings go to "TinyPortal > Articles and categories"
Then in the TP Admin menu choose the option Settings" in the Articles section.

You will have several options:

Use the WYSIWYG editor?
This option allows the activation of the WYSIWYG editor on HTML articles. When activating this setting the editor becomes available for all users. Users may still decide to deactivate the editor on a per-user basis

Height of WYSIWYG editor?
Here you can set the default height of the editor area. Value is in pixels.

Enable the DragDrop feature in the WYSIWYG Editor?
With the WYSIWYG editor it is possible to 'drag-and-drop' images to the article when you build the text. These images may be located on a website, but also on a local disk. The images added with this function are automatically uploaded to your site and added to your 'quick-list' of images. This setting will enable/disable this feature for all users.

Hide the edit article link under articles?
If users have permissions to edit articles a [Edit] link will be displayed when viewing the article. This link can be used for easy access to the editor. This setting will enable / disable this link for all users. It will still be possible to edit articles when the setting is disabled, but you will have to access the articles via the menu option: "TinyPortal > Articles and Categories".

Display print link in articles? 
If set a link will be displayed  [Print] for easy printing when viewing articles. This setting will enable / disable this link for all users.

Hide [Social network] buttons?
These options allow to choose what social bookmark buttons will be displayed in articles when choosing the "Show Social Bookmarks buttons" in the article.

By default all available buttons will be checked but these can be deactivated individually.

Doc Written By: Xarcell
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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