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TPdownloads (or Download Manager) is a built-in module for TinyPortal that let you offer files for your members to browse and download. It works by having the downloadable files placed in categories. These categories have permissions on them, letting you restrict membergroups access level per each category.

Admins can configure the Download managerfrom the TPdownloads Admin screen, found via menu "TinyPortal > Manage TPdownloads"

To go to the settings page click the [Settings] button.

Here you find all settings relevant to the Download Manager.

Show Downloads:
This is the main 'switch' for TPdownloads: this de-activates the module completely for users. As admin you can still manage settings and categories while the download manager is not available to members.
Options:  [On] / [Off]

Please note: Directly upon installing TinyPortal the downloads module is switched OFF. When you switch it ON the visitors of your forum will be able to access the downloads section. This is visible to them in the SMF menu.

To allow member groups to add downloads you will need to review and configure the settings below and also check the TinyPortal permissions.

Allowed file extensions:
here you can specify a comma separated list of file extensions allowed for files in the downloads. The default setting is: zip,rar,doc,docx,pdf,jpg,gif,png
Options: [Text area]

Max upload size:
Maximum allowed size of a file to be uploaded into TPDownloads in Kb.
Options: [Entry field] Kb

All uploads must be approved? :
This allows you to activate the approval procedure: downloads that require approved will follow the submission process.
  • Yes, except the membergroups that can manage downloads.    
  • No, but permission to upload will still be needed

Show text-editor? :
Choose what text editor will be provided for the upload function: the default setting is HTML, using the built in text editor.

  • No
  • Yes, HTML
  • Yes, BBC
Please note: switching the editor from HTML to BBC or vice-versa after download descriptions have already been created, may cause previously created descriptions to be displayed incorrectly! You should consider you choice when starting with the TPdownloads and stick with that.

Text for introduction:
Here you can write an introduction text for users of the Download Manager. This text will be displayed on the main DL page when visiting "TinyPortal > Downloads"
Options: [Text area]

Show filesize in format:
Set the display of filesizes for downloads.
Options: [Kb] / [Mb] / [Gb]

Use screenshot instead of icon where available
When uploading a file the use can choose an icon for the download, but also a screenshot picture. This settings controls which of those is used in the overview of files in TPdownloads. Choosing Yes will set the screenshot (if available), choosing No sets the icon.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Resize screenshot for thumbnail:
Set pre-defined size for screenshots to be resized to when used for a thumbnail for the download.
Default: 80 x 80  px

Resize screenshot for featured:
Set pre-defined size for screenshots to be resized to when the download is used as featured download on the main page for downloads.
Default: 200 x 200  px

Create new topic? :
Activate the creation of an announcement topic when uploading a new download file.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Boards to use for support topics:
Here you define which board may be selected for announcement topics for files.
Options: [Multi-select list of boards]

Show featured file on frontpage of Download manager
Activate the featured file display in the Main TPdownloads page.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Featured Download:
Select which file is to be set as featured in the Main TPdownloads page.
Options: [Single-select list of downloads]

Show recent files?
Activate the recent files list in the Downloads pages. On the main TPdownloads page this will show files from all categories. On category pages it will only show files from the active category.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Show most downloaded/weekly?
Activate the most downloaded files list in the Downloads page. On the main TPdownloads page this will show files from all categories. On category pages it will only show files from the active category.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Show category descriptions for child categories?
Setting this to Yes will make the category descriptions appear on the category list sections in the TPdownloads.
Options:  [Yes] / [No]

Characters to display per download on category page
Specifies the number of characters that is showing on the category page for each doanlod description. The description will be 'shortened' to this number of characters (taking into account html codes and word-breaks)
Options:  [Number]

Visual options:
Here you can select what panels you want to have displayed to users in the Download Manager.
  • Show left panel
  • Show right panel
  • Show upper panel
  • Show top panel
  • Show bottom panel
  • Show lower panel
  • Show header top
Use only this theme:
With this settings you can force the Download Manager to always use one theme, regardless of the rest of the forum.
Options: [Selection field with available themes]

That's it! Don't forget to Save your settings using the [Save] button...

Doc Written 07/07/2006 By: Bloc
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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