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February 8, 2018

* (Important)  As mentioned in the changelog, we have a new wysiwyg editor installed for the article system.  If you use this editor on your existing articles and save, or just simply resave one of your articles it could have undesired effects.  The editor complies to new standards, so your articles might not look the same.  It would be wise to turn of the editor when making changes to existing articles.  New articles shouldn't be a problem using the new editor.

* (Important)  The option to turn of the final check for images: Checks all content on the page inside img tags and if they’re http and the proxy is enabled it rewrites to https. That’s outside of the portal as well as inside it, it could have side effects with other mods so it’s configurable, via Tinyportal > Settings.

What's new in TP 1.4R
  • Fixed promoted Posts + Articles being displayed on front page.
  • Added image proxy logic for Avatars and Articles.
  • Stopped visible refresh of Shoutbox.
  • Added new ctrl/cmd + enter option for Shoutbox.
  • Added The option to turn of the final check for images. * (Important: Read notes above).
  • Corrected http/https Avatars showing when adding avatar by url.
  • Switched wysiwyg editor to SCEditor. * (Important: Read notes above).
  • Added RSS Feed Limit to RSS Block
  • Responsive layout. Portal now responsive, as long as you're using a responsive theme.
  • Switched recent posts to use SSI function rather than tp version.
  • Altered css for Avatar so height and width is set.
  • Removed wysiwyg editor option for html & javascript blocks.
  • Many more bug fixes.

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