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Working with panels and blocks to make your forum or website more attractive to your visitors is fun! Putting the panels in the right places, but also hiding them in others can help improve the experience for your visitors. With the many options available to you when changing panels and blocks you may every now and then run into an unwanted situation that you need to resolve. In this article a few common issues and their solution.

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There Is A Gap Where A Panel Is Supposed To Be.
This means you have no and/or activated blocks in that panel. You need to active/create some blocks within that panel, or turn the panel off since you are not using it.

To create a block with that panel, go to: TinyPortal > Panels and Blocks > Blocks. Select the panel and [Add Block]".

To activate a block within that panel, go to: TinyPortal > Panels and Blocks. Select the panel and find the block you are looking for, then select "Activate" .

If you are not using any blocks for that panel, simply turn off your panel by going to: "TinyPortal > Panels and blocks > Panels, find the panel you are looking for, then select "off" for the option Use ---- panel?.

Doc Written 11/16/2015 By: Ken.
Last updated 08/29/2020 by @rjen

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