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In this article you can read how to create a menu in a block. Starting from TinyPortal version 1.6.0 the menu manager also allows you to create additional menu options in the core SMF menu.

This works a little differently than the menu in a block.
You can only define these menu buttons from default Internal menu in the menu manager.

To access this menu klik on the Edit link next to it.

In the menu manager screen, click on the [Add Menu Iten] link and define the new menu item as follows.

Title: Specify the title you want displayed for the new menu button
Type: For this specific option choose "Menu button"
Item: In the item filed you should specify the full URL for the target location of the button. Make sure to include http:// or https:// as well.
Add Menu after: Here you can specify the existing menu button after which you want the new button to be displayed. Choosing 'Forum' will put the new button between existing options 'Forum' and 'Search'.

Once you are done press [Save]

You will return to the menu manager screen, and the new Menu Item will be displayed. This will be set to 'Off'. Click on the 'On' button to activate the new menu button.

New menu buttons in SMF2.1 will be created with a default icon:

From version 1.6.3 it is possible to change the menu icon used, by changing the filename for the icon.
Default path used is /Themes/default/images/tinyportal/..

Icons available are:

- tinyportal/menu_tp.png
-  tinyportal/menu_tparticle.png
- tinyportal/menu_tpdownload.png
- tinyportal/menu_tpforum.png
- tinyportal/menu_tpmenu.png
- tinyportal/menu_tpshout.png
- tinyportal/normal_post.png
- tinyportal/online.png

But you are free to add your own icons in this folder to assign...

Written by @rjen
Last updated 07-04-2019 by @rjen

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