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You can set articles and forum posts to show on the frontpage of your site using the setting What to display on frontpage (see Frontpage settings.

Promoting articles
It you want to get an article to stay on the frontpage like a sticky, you need to set it as a "Featured article", or switch it to "Show on frontpage".
To do that go to: "TinyPortal > Articles and Categories > Articles",

To make an article featured set it to "Set As Featured".

To make an article show on frontpage set the correct setting.

Promoting posts
You can also choose for a frontpage that shows posts from your forum: this way you have a dynamic frontpage reflecting popular discussion on your forum. To do this use one of these options in the Frontpage settings:
Only forum-topics / Selected topics only / Forum-topics and articles - sorted on date / Selected topics + articles

To set a topic to be moved to the frontpage you can "Promote to frontpage"

And you're done!

Doc Written By: Xarcell
Last updated 08/28/2020 by @rjen

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