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The sorting of articles on the frontpage can be set separately from the Article category: this means that you can choose a different sort-order on the frontpage if desired. To determine the sorting method for your articles you will need to check the frontpage setting. See for details: Frontpage settings.
When you have defined what method you want to use to sort the articles on the frontpage you can sort your articles by changing the article attribute used for sorting. Possible attributes are 'date', 'author', 'position' or 'id number' of the articles (ascending or descending).

To sort your articles you can go to: TinyPortal > Articles and Categories.
You will see the "Articles" button highlighted at the top of the screen and below that in the block titled "Articles" you see a list of all available article categories in your forum with a number behind the category indicating the number of articles in the category.

Then select the category (by clicking on the category name) with the articles you wish to sort and you will see a list of articles within that category. This is explained in this article: Articles: sorting.

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