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When creating a block you first need to think what exactly you want to do with a block and where it should be shown on your website. Some types of content are better presented vertically, left or right of the content. Some is better suited horizontally, above or below content.
Depending on the type of information and how you want it presented you choose what panel you want to add the block to. Don't worry that you choose wrong, it is always possible to change the panel for a block later.

To create a new block, go to menu option TinyPortal > Panels and blocks. The screen below is shown. In this screen all panels are displayed with the blocks that are already created. To create a new block in a panel, scroll to the panel you want to use for the block and click on [ Add block ].

You can now review the panel selection (and change it if needed), specify the name for the new block and what you want to use the block for.
There are several types of blocks you can create and place inside any of the panels as you'd like.
The types of blocks that you can choose from are:

You can choose to use one of the existing predefined block codes that are available:

... or create a copy of an existing block. All existing blocks are listed per panel...

You can now configure the settings for the new block. See for details the article on Block settings.

After you are done selecting your settings, click save. Then you can view your blocks listing by click the type of panel it is in, or by clicking "all blocks". From here you will need to activate your block by clicking on the green "Status" circle located above your block title and type.

Doc Written 11/11/2015  By: Ken.
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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