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Try the different settings when you are setting up your Tinyportal site and see for yourself what each setting can do...
To begin, go to "TinyPortal > Settings & Frontpage".

You will have the following options:

Select non responsive themes
Tinyportal can deal with with 'Responsive' themes and (older) 'Non-responsive themes''. See this article for more information: Settings: dealing with responsive themes
Here you can specify what themes are responsive. The themes listed in the image above will not be the same as in your forum. Set the tickbox for each responsive theme. To change settings you have to select Deselect all themes, save the setting with the [Save] button under the last theme and redo all your theme settings.

Use a custom browser tab title for your Frontpage:
This lets you select a specific name to display on the browser tab for your Frontpage (leave the textfield empty for no title).
Options: [Text area]

How to redirect after login:
With this setting you can direct users to either forum of frontpage immediately after logging in.
Options: [Redirect to forum] / [Redirect to frontpage]

Hide TinyPortal menu option:
By default a menu option for Tinyportal is added to the menu. This option will automatically show for admins, users that have the permission to submit articles or all users if the downloads module is set to active. This setting will remove the Tinyportal option from the menu for all users except admins.

Use the roundframe style for left/right panels?
Setting this to Yes applies a special styling to the left and right panels, try it to see if you like it...

Allow the panels to be collapsed?
Setting this to Yes will enable these icons on the top right of the forum, that can be used to collapse each individual panel as desired.

Hide the block edit link?
By default each block will have an icon allowing administrators to go directy to block edit mode. Setting it to NO wil remove the icon.

Use language visibility option for blocks?

Use membergroup color for user names throughout the forum
This setting will activate the use of the member group colour for user names throughout the forum. Users names will be displayed in the forum in the color of the primary user group that a member is assigned to. Note that there is a similar settings in the shoutbox that will only activate this in the shoutbox: The general TP setting takes preference over the shoutbox setting.

Max rating:
Specify with a number what the maximum rating for articles can be.
Options: [Text area]

Display stars instead of numbers?
Using this will show a rating in 'star' icons instead of an rating average in numbers,

Use old sidebar for admin?
Setting only affects the side menu in the TinyPortal admin screen. The 'old sidebar' layout is slightly more condensed.

Admin can see all blocks?

Perform the final image proxy check?
For explanation see Settings: https and the SMF image proxy.

( This defaults to ON and is only effective when SMF Image Proxy is Enabled. Deactivating this option may resolve conflicts with certain Mods, but will deactivate the image proxy for http images in PHP articles and HTML blocks. )

Enable TinyPortal Full Text search
This setting will enable advanced search options for the Article Search Functionality: this allows for the use of multiple search terms in the TP search function as well as the use of complex search operators. See for explanation the article on Search functionality. If this is not set  the search can only be done for a single search term.

Path where TinyPortal images are uploaded to on your server
File path where the images uploaded via TinyPortal are stored

TinyPortal Copyright Removal
Enter your unique key to remove the TinyPortal Copyright Notice
Options: [Text area]

Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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