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January 2021

TinyPortal 2.0.1 can be used on SMF 2.0 and 2.1
Minimum required PHP version : 5.6.0
Highest supported PHP version (tested) 7.4.11

Changelog: TinyPortal 2.0.1

Technical updates (2.0.0):

- fixed "Unable to load the 'main' template" errors for guests
- fixed "Database error, given array of integer values is empty. (cat)"
- fixed PHP7.4 issue "Trying to access array offset on value of type bool" when submitting an article
- fixed "Undefined index: QUERY_STRING"
- fixed bbc descriptions for downloads not being parsed in category page
- fixed frontpage topics showing readmore link even when not shortened
- fixed frontpage topics double line breaks being stripped
- fixed error viewing recent comments page "Unable to load the 'main' template"
- fixed article search error "preg_replace(): Unknown modifier"
- updated admin section to not allow setting 0 frontpage topics
- make news board selection a required field
- standardized some field lengths in admin section
- css fix for long text strings in articles not breaking on apple devices
- fixed shoutbox refresh to allow the value '0'
- Added check to make sure var5 exists before selecting from it to fix unknown column error when upgrading from versions prior to 1.4R

NOTICE! because of the database changes in this version there's no going back to TP 1.x.x after installing version 2.0.1. You can install previous versions, but by doing that you WILL lose TP data and you will need to manually fix or recreate your content!!! For these reasons it's advised to backup your database and files before proceeding.

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