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TPShout - or Shoutbox - is a built-in module for TinyPortal that is in fact a box in which you can leave messages for others to see and thus maintain a simple "chat" on the site. Combined with permissions you will have much freedom in who can participate as well.

Settings for the Shoutbox can be made from the TPdownloads Admin screen, found via menu "Tinyportal > Settings > Modules"

This is the main 'switch' for the modules: the [On] / [Off] switches de-activate the modules completely. Check to be sure that the 'TP Simple Shout' is 'On'.

To access the Admin screen click on the link "Admin link behind TP Simple Shout".
You can also click in TPShout in the Tinyportal menu under Modules.

When you enter the Admin screen, you are presented with an overview of shout messages in the shoutbox. In this screen you can Edit or delete shout messages from the shoutbox.

To go to the settings page click the [Settings] button.

Here you find all settings relevant to TPShout.

Place a fixed message or announcement at the top of the shoutbox (BBC allowed): This text will be displayed for users accessing thh Shoutbox.
Options: [Text area]

Display smilies buttons? : You can choose if you want to allow smilies in the chat or not.
Options: [Yes] / [No]

Display BBC buttons? : You can choose to show the buttons for BBC code. Set to No for a cleaner look.
Options: [Yes] / [No]

Height of shoutbox in pixels: Set the height of the box based on where you display the box.
Options: [Entry field]

Use scrolling? : With this option set to On the shoutbox will automatically scroll, drawing attention to the chat.
Options: [No] / [Yes]

Speed for the scrolling (1 - 5): Set the scroll speed. Experiment with your ideal setting!
Options: [Entry field]

Limit posts in shoutbox to: Sets how many posts are displayed as part of the shoutbox. Older messages will disappear from view.
Options: [Entry field]

Auto refresh (in seconds): The shoutbox will automatically refresh: set the refresh interval. (Setting this too low can eat server resources)
Options: [Entry field]

Hide shouts in the profile? : Controls if shouts made by a user can be seen in the user profile area.
Options: [Yes] / [No]

Allow links to be posted? :
Options: [Yes] / [No]

Submit Shout on enter key? : Controls what keystroke will actually submit the text to the shoutbox
  • [Yes with ctrl/cmd] - Submit by hitting Enter + Ctrl or Cmd
  • [Yes] - Submit by hitting Enter
  • [No] - Submit by clicking the [Shout] button
Shoutbox layout: Choose how you want the shoutbox to display
Options: [Multiple layout examples]

Doc Written 08/16/2018 by @rjen
Updated 12-10-2018 by @rjen

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