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Articles are extra content pages that can be displayed just like any other part of the forum. The articles can customized completely to your liking: they may contain text and images (like a blog or documentation), forms or anything else that you can imagine.

When creating articles, there are different types of articles to choose from:
  • + BBC: Article which contains Bulletin Board code. Similar to regular forum posts: most suited for users with limited technical skills.
  • + HTML: Article which contains HTML coding. This may be used to easily port existing web-pages to an article.
  • + PHP: Article which contains PHP coding. This allows for complex functionality, but requires coding skills.
  • + EXTERNAL: Article that uses an include of a file outside TP, typically stored on the same server.
In order to be displayed in TinyPortal, articles are to be placed in articles categories. When accessing a TinyPortal category or sub-category page all articles within the category will be displayed in a customizable layout. Go to Article categories for more information on the subject.

Articles also have total customization. You can make each article appear as though it is part of the forum, or not part of the forum. Simple by adjusting what panels & blocks appear with the article, what theme is used and even comes with comments and a rating system that you can choose to enable or not.

To learn more about it's options, please read: Creating an article.

Updated 08/28/2020 by @rjen

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