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October 15, 2018

What's new in TP 1.6.0.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Strict MySQL Mode
  • sprintf(): Too few arguments, when viewing as a guest TPsubs.template.php (Line 432)
  • TP blocks no longer showing while in Maintenance mode
  • Block style 1 is no longer overwritten by Panel style
  • Url's in menu manager no longer overflowing into other fields
  • New articles are no longer set to show on frontpage by default
  • Removed obsolete setting for TinyPortal fixed width
  • Removed obsolete settings for category icons
  • Extended Custom Actions on blocks to include url past the action
  • TPShout Admin showing panels incorrectly
Features Added:
  • Menu Manager now allows addition of single menu options to the SMF menu.
  • Improved menu manager user interface showing only fields relevant to the chosen menu item type.
  • TinyPortal now shows who's online and what article or category they are viewing.
  • Complete redesign of the layout on all admin pages to fit in with more modern designs
  • Improved Panel / Block style handling
  • Included new Code snippets for php blocks
  • Code snippets sorted for easier browsing
  • New admin setting to choose which social media buttons to use in articles
  • FullText Search added to Article Searching
  • New module TPlistimages provides functionality to remove images uploaded by TinyPortal
Improved support for SMF2.1:
  • No Source Code Edits in SMF 2.1
  • Added menu icons for TP menu options in profile area and main menu
  • Panel / block styles adapted for SMF2.1 use
  • Copyright location updated
  • All images converted from gif to png
  • Most TP error messages set to not write to error logs

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