February, 2023 - TP Docs is now running on the newest version of TinyPortal Version 2.3.0.!

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February 2022

Changelog: TinyPortal 2.2.0

Relevant to SMF 2.0 and 2.1:

New functionality:
- added most standard SSI functions as options to SSI block
- updated stats block to use thousand separators
- added font-awesome icons for menu options in specials themes
- updated installer to provide more consistent log information

- fixed block access page shows incorrect panels for blocks
- fixed Save button on block access pages showing between blocks when uneven #items
- fixed missing div on Downloads page when top downloads not activated
- fixed broken category links in profile articles view and use short names when available
- fixed link to article category from Profile
- fixed mini calendar blockcode for PHP 8.1
- fixed singleshout blockcode for 2.1.x
- general code updates for PHP8 compatibility

when updating from TinyPortal versions older than 2.1.0, shoutbox blocks are enhanced with a new block setting: "Characters to display in titles".
Due to this change any pre-existing shoutbox blocks 'may' have a changed title length after installing the new version of TP. Please check any shoutbox blocks and adjust the block setting "Characters to display in titles" to the desired length...

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