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To upload a file in the Download Manager you need to have permissions to do so. This is dealt with by the TinyPortal Permissions as well as the Downloads Settings.

Adding a file to download
Go to TPdownloads using the menu "Tinyportal > Downloads", then press [Upload] to initiate a file upload.

You will immediately be presented with an entry screen where you can attach the file and assign a title, description and many more details related to the file you are uploading. Try to be as complete as possible: use a clear description and make sure to include key-words to allow others to search for the file and actually find it later on...

In the upload screen you will be able to supply the title for the upload, a description of what it is, a icon from the icon list and a category to add it to. If submission setting is turned on, it will be placed in the category, but will remain invisible until a moderator/administrator has approved it. Also consider the 'Max upload size' mentioned on the screen: this is the largest file size as set in the TPdownload Settings.

Title: Title that will be shown for the download.

Category: Category where the download will be placed.

Description: A clear description for the download file.

File to Upload: Browse your local drive to the correct file for upload. Note the allowed file types listed!

Do not upload anything: If you have permission to edit downloads, you will also see a extra tick box, which says "Do not upload anything, just create an empty item." and does exactly that. It creates an item you can upload too later on, or choose an already uplaoded file. For eample: if you file is bigger than what you have set as allowed upload size - or bigger than your hosts upload limit.

Depending on the settings made you can immediately have a new topic created in a board of your choosing to announce the new download file. To do this specify the following information:

Create new topic?: Use this if you want to create an announcement topic

Board to post in?: Select the board to post in. Allowed boards are defined in the TPdownload settings

Text block: Specify the text for the announcement topic.

Icon: Choose a suitable icon that represents the type of file you are uploading

Additional picture: You can also upload a extra image, which will be displayed underneath the download button.

Don't forget to [Save] to upload your file.

Checking which files you have uploaded
In order to keep track of which files you have uploaded Tinyportal has added an additional area to your user profile where you can review what files you have uploaded. To see this go to menu option "Profile and Tinyportal > Uploaded files" here you can see what files you have uploaded.

Doc written 08/15/2018 by @rjen

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