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How the shoutbox is presented in your forum is up to you. Please note that when TinyPortal is first installed your Shoutbox and the Left Panel are already on and set to 'Display on all pages and sections'. You can change it to your liking, move the shoutbox to other panels or suppress it completely.

First you will need a TinyPortal Block to display your Shoutbox.
Check to see if a Block already exists for the Shoutbox. If there is not one then do as follows:

Go to "TinyPortal > Manage blocks" and select the 'Panel' where you would like to display your Shoutbox. Then click on '[Add Block]' and select 'TP Module' and then click 'Save':

That will bring you to the 'Edit Block' control page. Check that the 'Status' is set to 'On' and that 'TPShout' is checked, as seen in this image and then click on 'Save':

Finally, check your Panel Settings, making sure that the desired Panel is turned on.

Now your Shoutbox should be available where you have the Panel and the Shoutbox set to display.

For more information go to these Docs:
What Are Panels?
Panel Settings.
Block Settings

Doc Written 12/06/2015 By: Ken.
Additional Edits 12/06/2015 By: Illori
Updated 12-10-2018 by @rjen

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