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The built in menu manager allows you to create multiple menu's. These menu's are typically displayed in a block. You get all the features of blocks to display these menu's in different places along with choosing who gets to see the blocks based on permissions. You can create different types of links: links to articles, categories, or even just a custom link. You can choose to have the link open in the current window or a new window.

From TinyPortal version 1.6.0 new functionality is available that allows the creation of additional menu options to the SMF menu: these menu options are seamlessly integrated in the core menu: in SMF2.1 also with a default menu icon.

When you first open the TinyPortal Menu Manager you'll find a very simple control page where you can '[Add Menu]', or edit existing menu's. Don't let that simplicity fool you!
The TP Menu Manager is a very powerful and versatile way to organize and display information on your site.

To work with menus choose "Tinyportal > Menu manager"

Last Updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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