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TinyPortal is delivered with a set of permission of its own. These permissions allow the administrator to set who has what permissions for the TinyPortal functions. The permissions are found with the standard SMF permissions. You can select who can post and moderate articles by membergroup, you can assign permissions to users to submit articles to be approved by admins before publication (see: Article submissions), allow access to the Shoutbox or Download Manager, and more....

The available permissions are briefly described below.

If you wish to review or update the TinyPortal permissions by membergroup on your site, simply go to:
"Admin > Members > Permissions > General Permissions" and select the membergroup for which you want to change permissions.

In the next screen, you will find several TinyPortal permissions.

Manage settings: Allows users to manage settings for TinyPortal.

Manage blocks: Allows users to manage blocks. Be careful with this permission as it also allows creation of php blocks.

Manage articles: Allows users to manage articles, categories for articles and the catlist.

Can submit HTML articles: Allows users to write and submit HTML type of articles.

Can submit BBC articles: Allows users to write and submit BBC type of articles.

Can edit own articles: Allows users to edit their own articles.

Article submissions and edits without approval: Allows users to write articles that will be automatically approved. Subsequent updates will also not require admin approval.

Can comment on articles: Allows users to comment on articles. This will only work for articles that have been set to allow comments!

Manage TPshout: Allows users to administrate the shoutbox: delete or edit shoutbox messages.

Can Post Shouts: Allows users to add messages in the shoutbox.

Manage TPdownloads: Allows users to visit and operate any part of the File manager admin screens.

Upload file: Allows users to upload files for the File manager.

Create Download topic: Allows users to create a linked support topic, and also link the topic to the download. Uses pre-defined boards to choose from.

Manage TPlistimages: Allows users to remove uploaded images from the Tiny Portal Image Directory.

Last updated 08/28/2020 by @rjen

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