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Welcome to the offical documentation site for Tinyportal!

Welcome to our Documentation and FAQ for TinyPortal

Ready to install TinyPortal and need some direction?
Here you will find our TinyPortal Docs and a number of other boards and topics to help you work through any issues that you might face. Of course, you can always post to the Support Boards to ask any questions that you have. Please be sure to read our Posting Guidelines.

Step 1: Search the Documentation
Step 2: Check the FAQ'S
Step 3: Still can not find it? Ask at the TinyPortal Support Forum

Please note that for the most part the Docs links in the blocks below are for TinyPortal 1.1 and TinyPortal 1.2; for documentation on older versions of TinyPortal see the links in the left panel blocks.
Also note that information that you will find in the TinyPortal 1.1 Docs will apply equally to TinyPortal 1.2 with minor exceptions. Those exceptions will be indicated wherever needed.

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