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The 'Frontpage' or 'Home' page is the first page you see upon entering your SMF/Tinyportal site. You have many different options to design the frontpage the way you like it best: set it up to show panels & blocks, include (featured) articles and/or forum topics - or a whole single page.

The use of the frontpage is optional: if you don't really need it you can set Tinyportal up to go directly to the forum.
You can find the frontpage settings via menu option"Tinyportal > Settings & Frontpage". Then in the TP Admin menu choose the option "Frontpage".
To learn more about it's options, please read: Frontpage Settings.

See below two examples of frontpages to give an impression what a Frontpage can bring to your forum.

The frontpage of our Docs site...

The frontpage of our support forum

Find more examples op TP sites with different frontpages here: TinyPortal showcase board

Doc Written 12/19/2015 By: Ken
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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