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Author Topic: How Do I Create A Block?  (Read 4454 times)

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How Do I Create A Block?
« on: April 16, 2008, 12:25:06 PM »
To create a block, go to "Tiny Portal > Panels & Blocks > SELECT A PANEL TYPE > Add Block".

There are several types of blocks you can create and place inside any of the panels as you'd like.
The types of blocks that you can choose from are:

From there, select the type of block that you would like and click save. This will bring you to the settings page of the block type you selected. Here you will name your block(title), and select one of it's several display options. These are the following display options to choose from:

Block Frame/Looks:
  • Use frame from theme
  • Use frame, but not title
  • Use just the title
  • Do not use title/frame

Block Upshrink:
  • Allow block to collapse
  • Do not allow block to collapse

Who Can View Block:
  • There will be a list of all membergroups to toggle from.
  • If none are chosen, it will only show it to admin.
  • Toggle all membergroups option

Who Can Edit Block:
  • There will be a list of all membergroups to toggle from.
  • Remember, "manage_blocks" and "admin" permission always give this right regardless.
  • Toggle all membergroups option

Block Access:
  • Show for this action(dropdown list of actions, or custom action name) - with toggle "reverse criteria" option.
  • Show when inside this board(dropdown list of boards) - with toggle "reverse criteria" option.
  • Show inside this TP section(dropdown list of module index's)
  • Show when viewing this article(dropdown of written articles) - with toggle "reverse criteria" option.
  • Show when viewing this category listing(dropdown list of categories) - with toggle "reverse criteria" option.
  • Show for this language

After you are done selecting your settings, click save. Then you can view your blocks listing by click the type of panel it is in, or by clicking "all blocks". From here you will need to activate your block by clicking on the green circle located on the right of your block title and type.

Doc Written By: Xarcell

Doc Updated 10/20/2015 By: Ken.
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