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Author Topic: How Do I Configure My Frontpage Settings?  (Read 8809 times)

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How Do I Configure My Frontpage Settings?
« on: April 15, 2008, 06:07:25 PM »
To begin, go to "Admin > Tiny Portal > Settings > Frontpage". You will have several options as follows:

Allow guests to see news from the news board - even if guests are not allowed to see the board?
  • Yes: user's will get to see it, regardless of your SMF setting.
  • No: user's will "not" get to see it, regardless of your SMF setting.

What to show on front page:
  • Only forum-posts:
  • Forum-posts and articles - sorted on date:
  • Only articles:
  • Featured article and front page blocks:
  • Front page blocks:
  • Go directly to forum index:

How frontblocks will be shown:
  • Normal, frontblocks are shown alone
  • Frontblocks are added first
  • Frontblocks are added last

Visual options for frontpage (disabled in Single Page option):
  • Left side blocks
  • Right side blocks
  • Upper blocks
  • Lower blocks
  • Top blocks
  • Bottom blocks

Articles layout for the front page:
  • A:

  • B:

  • C:

  • D:

Show forum-posts on front page from:
  • There will be 5 "dropdown lists" of boards to choose from. Selection of any of the boards will make the latest topic of that board appear on your frontpage.

Number of forum-posts to show on front page:
  • This is related to the previous setting. Whatever number you decide, is the number of posts that will appear on your frontpage from the boards you selected in the previous setting.

Number of characters to show per forum-post:
  • This setting controls the length of your forum posts on the frontpage from the previous 2 settings. This way, the posts on the frontpage don't get outrageously long if the original post is long.

Once you have finished with your frontpage settings, just click save and your done!

Doc Written By: Xarcell
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