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Author Topic: How Do I Manually Install Tiny Portal?  (Read 19982 times)

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How Do I Manually Install Tiny Portal?
« on: April 15, 2008, 05:58:48 PM »
Doing a manual install of Tiny Portal is easy, but sensitive. This may be the only way to install Tiny Portal for forums that have been heavily modded manually, or by other mods themselves.

NOTE: if you have been told to do a manual install because of a "test failed" on installation, you may be better off following this guide: "Test Failed On Installation?".


1.| First and most importantly, make a backup of your forum. If you are not sure how to do that, you can this the guide: How Do I Create a Backup Of My Site?

2.| On your computer, create a folder called "TPmanual-install". Inside your TPmanual-install folder, create another folder called SMF. The SMF folder will contain your unedited files. Inside the SMF folder create a folder called TP. Your TP folder will contain the files that you will edit. The folder structure should look like this: "TPmanual-install/SMF/TP/".

3.| Download the version of Tiny Portal you wish to manually install from:;dl . Open the package and extract the files to a folder named: TPmanual-install.

4.| Inside your TPmanual-install folder, upload the following files and folders to your forum root directory:
  • /Sources
  • /Themes
  • /tp-downloads
  • /tp-files
  • /tp-images
  • tp-upgrade.php

5.| Download a copy of the following files from your forum and place them in SMF - and - TP folders. These are the files that Tiny Portal modifies:
  • Sources Directory: Errors.php
  • Sources Directory: Load.php
  • Sources Directory: QueryString.php
  • Sources Directory: Subs.php
  • Sources Directory: Subs-Editor.php
  • Forum Directory: SSI.php
  • Forum Directory: index.php

6.| After you have a copy of your SMF files downloaded to both the SMF and TP folders, follow these instructions to manually make the code changes necessary to the files in the TP folder.

7.| Upload your edited files in your "TPmanual-install/SMF/TP" folder to there proper directories and your almost done! If you run into trouble, you can always upload the unedited files from your "TPmanual-install/SMF" folder to the proper directories for a quick fix.

8.| Finally, run the "tp_upgrade.php" in your forum root by visiting the URL of that file in your browser. This will update your database. Your manual install should be complete!


Doc Written By: Xarcell
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