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Author Topic: TinyPortal Settings  (Read 1896 times)

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TinyPortal Settings
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:08:53 PM »
Here you will find some of the basic controls for your TinyPortal install, some of them being global settings.
Go to TP Admin>Settings & Frontpage>Settings ... or, you can click on the 'Settings' icon:

The first setting in the panel above is for "Use a custom frontpage title:" and this can be useful for giving your front page a unique name in the viewer's browser tab, as seen in this next image.
Each of the three browser tabs, including the 'TinyPortal Docs' tab on the right, has it's own unique name showing using the "custom frontpage title" function.

Some of these controls are global in nature and will effect your TinyPortal content through out your site, example; Use the roundframe style for left/right panels?:
This setting will effect the look of your Panels throughout your site.
Of course, you can make changes in the individual settings screens and some of those may override these global controls.

The fun comes from trying the different settings to see what you like best for your site.

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