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Author Topic: What Programs Do I Need?  (Read 6949 times)

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What Programs Do I Need?
« on: April 25, 2008, 04:10:04 AM »
When building websites, you will need at least one text editor, one FTP program for file transfers, and one graphic's program.

With SMF though, you can edit your template files without a text editor by going to:
Admin > Themes & Layout > Modify Themes > "theme that you want to modify".
... great care should be taken when using this method, be sure to back up your files before any edits!

Free Text Editors:

1.| NotePad++
2.| EditPad Lite
3.| Context
4.| Notepad (comes free with windows)

Paid Text Editors:
1.| EditPad Pro
2.| UltraEdit-32
3.| Dreamweaver
4.| TextPad

Free FTP Programs:
1.| Filezilla
2.| SmartFTP

Paid FTP Programs:
1.| CuteFTP
2.| WS_FTP

Free Graphic's Editor:
1.| MS Paint (comes free with windows)
2.| Gimp

Paid Graphic's Editor:
1.| Photoshop
2.| Paint Shop Pro

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