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Author Topic: How Do I Create A TP/SMF Site?  (Read 11769 times)

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How Do I Create A TP/SMF Site?
« on: April 25, 2008, 04:09:31 AM »


A TP/SMF site is actually a combination of two softwares, Simple Machine Forums: which is the core, and Tiny Portal: a modification which enhances SMF by adding many more functionalities to it. You can not run TP without SMF.

Most portal and forum websites are a lot different than TP/SMF. They tend to have the portal software as the "core", and the forum software as the "extension". With a TP/SMF site, it is backwards. The "forum software is the core", and the "portal software is the extension". Reason for this is because most sites evolve around the forums anyway...

:: SET UP ::

It is strongly recommend that you learn how to operate a SMF site before jumping into using TP. A new user can get confused about the difference between the two when trying to troubleshoot or get support. SMF questions & troubleshooting should take place at , where you will get a better response. All TP questions & troubleshooting should take place at

Please learn your way around SMF first, we cannot express that enough...

Follow the steps provided below. If you have already completed a step and have it "working", then proceed to the next step. Remember, SMF is your "forum software" and TP is your "portal software". The forum software must be installed first, then your portal software, followed by any other modifications...


1.| Get Your Webspace & Domain:
First before you can do anything, you will need some webspace to create your site on. There are several free hosts that give you webspace, and a lot of paid ones. Paid webspace is the better way to go, but varies in quality and resources from host to host. You will need php, ftp or shell access, a domain name, and the ability to create a mysql database. Always do your research before buying webspace...

You can read about some servers and hosts at this site HERE.
There will be technical "requirements" in order for your portal to work. You can read about these requirements HERE.


2.| Get A Good FTP Program:
After acquiring your webspace, I recommend getting a good FTP program. Some are free and some are paid. Do some research and find out what is best for you. You will need to setup your FTP program so that you can FTP files to your newly acquired host & domain. In the future, you may need the FTP program to continue expanding your site and for other things...


3.| Download/Upload/Install Simple Machines Forum:
Now you must first install SMF (simple machines forum) onto your webspace. SMF is a brilliant "forum software" that must be installed before you install the TP "portal software". Visit , then the downloads section to download the latest "stable" release. You will also see beta/RC releases for testing, but use those at your own risk.

* You can read the SMF online documentation on how to install, upgrade, and how to convert HERE.


4.| Download/Install Tiny Portal:
Once you have SMF installed on your domain and working, now you are ready to install TP (Tiny Portal). First you must download the TP software to your PC. You can find the software HERE. Then on your SMF site, go to "ADMIN > PACKAGES > DOWNLOAD NEW PACKAGES > PACKAGE TO UPLOAD". Click "browse" and select the TP package you downloaded to your PC, and then click "upload". Once you have uploaded successfully, it will give you an option to "apply mod". Click apply mod and it will show you the results of a "test installation" to see if there are any problems. If you have no lines that say "test failed", you are ready to proceed to installing TP. At this time click "continue", and follow any instructions that are prompted at the top. Your TP/SMF website installation should be complete.

* You can also read documentation on how to use TP HERE.


5.| Other Languages For Your Site:
Sometimes this isn't enough for some sites. The standard language set for a TP/SMF site is "english". If you wish to apply other languages to your site, you will first need to download & install languages files for SMF. After you have installed the languages for SMF, you then do the same for TP. Simply upload your language files to the Themes/default/languages folder.
You can get your SMF language files HERE. Make sure your language version matches your SMF installation version.

You can get your TP language files HERE. Make sure your language version matches your TP installation version.


Doc Written By: Xarcell
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