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Blocks - editing

Started by Xarcell, April 24, 2008, 04:38:16 PM

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In the block edit screen you will have a number of fields you have to fill out. In all there are some common ones, but for the different types, the main text option is omitted and replaced by that particular blocktype options.

Title / main text
Right, there is a title you can fill out, and the main text. For a normal HTML block that would be your content, for other types it might be a value for a specific setting. Next up is how you want it shown, which you can choose between 4 states:


  • Use frame from theme - show a styled title and a frame around the block
  • Use frame, but not title - show only the frame around the block, no title [TP 0.9]
  • Use just the title -  only style the title, no frame
  • Do not use title/frame - do not style frame, show no title

Upshrink state
You also have the option of allowing members to upshrink the block or not, select one of the options.

On the right side you will see a list of membergroups, these are the groups that are allowed to see this block. Tick on/off according to whom you want to show this block to.

Editing permissions [TP 0.9]
Underneath there is another list of membergroups. here you can set which one is allowed to edit this particular block. They will not enter TPadmin, only a dedicated edit block area. They can only edit title, text, style and upshrink state for this block.

Language in titles
You also got a option to show different titles for different languages installed. Just write in your texts in the corresponding language field.

Extended access [TP 0.9]
You will also have something called "extended access" options. Essentially they will make the block appear ONLY when these are true, not otherwise. You have got a number of possible scenarios, these are:

  • Show for this action
    (custom action name) - pick your forum section or provide a custom action value
  • Show when inside this board - just select the board you want the block to show inside
  • Show inside this TP section - any specific TP module section
  • Show inside this article - showed only when this article is shown
  • Show inside this category listing - shown only when a listing from this category is shown
  • Show inside this category and its articles - shown on the listing page of a category and also in each of the articles of the category
  • Show for this language - shown when you have another language selected

At the bottom are the save button and also a nice preview button. It will temporarily make the block visible on next pageload. As default all blocks are set to be "off".

Doc Written By: Bloc