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DL manager - upload

Started by Xarcell, April 24, 2008, 04:32:41 PM

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In the upload screen you will be able to supply the title for the upload, a description of what it is, a icon from the icon list and a category to add it to. If submission setting is turned on, it will be placed in the category, but will remain invisible until a moderator/administrator has approved it.

You can also upload a extra image, which will be displayed underneath the download button.

If you have permission to edit downloads, you will also see a extra tick box, which says "Do not upload anything, just create an empty item." and does exactly that. It creates an item you can upload too later on, or choose an already uplaoded file. For eample: if you file is bigger than what you have set as allowed upload size - or bigger than your hosts upload limit.

Doc Written By: Bloc