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Author Topic: Blocks - advanced  (Read 5386 times)

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Blocks - advanced
« on: April 24, 2008, 04:38:53 PM »
Block code snippets
When working with blocks, especially with the php or html/javascript type of blocks, you might find yourself wishing you had some custom code that performed a particular function. Even with all the options you have available with the different block-types, it still doesn't offer everything you may want.

Block code snippets board to the rescue! This is a special board on this site, where snippets of code have been posted from various users that perform certain functions. Chances are that someone already have made what you need such as an event calendar.

The best way to install them is to simply to copy the actual code(snippet) from the topic post and paste it into your php-block. Many of them contain some default values you may need to adjust, others are ready to go. They also come in varied layouts or options, so be sure to browse through and pick the one right for you.

If you come up with a block code snippet of your own, be sure to share. Other experts may even be able to improve or contribute to it.

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