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[Block] ventrilo block

Started by Moocat, October 04, 2005, 06:34:18 AM

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anyone have code for a ventrilo block that shows who is on ventrilo and maybe even launches the program with a link or something? i know i saw something like that on ichbin's site (or maybe it was someone else's)... anyway, help plz :P


Ok, here's the ventrilo files. I have it working on my site with no errors. All I've done is edit the files so that it would only display the channels and users on the server. I commented "//" out all the lines that weren't needed and added a few things to make it work a little better. All credit goes to the creator of the scripts not me. :) If you'd like to see a working version of this feel free to visit my site at

First thing you need to know, is your servers operating system windows or Linux? Depending on which one you have you need a certain file to be included with these scripts. This file is called ventrilo_status (for linux) or ventrilo_status.exe (for windows). If you need the windows file you can download it in the ventrilo server package located at for windows. I've included the file for linux in this package. It's a good idea to check with your host to make sure its ok that you have Executable files on their computer. :)

Ventrilo server settings that need to be changed:
Server Status Queries Enabled and  Server Status Password if you so desire.

Next you need to edit one file.
Open up ventrilotest.php and scroll until you see these lines:
//The next 6 lines are the only thing you need to change.
$stat->m_cmdprog = "/path/to/ventrilo_status"; // Adjust accordingly (full path recommended)
// The ventrilo_status file must be in the same directory as this script
$stat->m_cmdcode = "2"; // Detail mode.
$stat->m_cmdhost = "IP or domain here"; //IP or Domain
$stat->m_cmdport = "3835"; // Port used for your ventrilo.
$stat->m_cmdpass = "YourPassword"; // Status password if necessary.

Everything that needs to be changed is pretty much self explanatory.
If you get any errors about no status it is likely caused by things such as:
path to ventrilo_status is not correct, server settings not set. Always double check your settings. :)

Once all that is done go into TPadmin and add a php block. All you need to put in it is this line right here:
inlcude ('ventrilo/ventrilotest.php');
Of course, make sure your path is correct if you don't put the ventrilo folder in your root folder of your website.

I'm probably going to keep working on this to make the text a little more fitting to my theme. Just thought I'd share since a couple of you seemed interested. Good luck!

Zip is posted again at this post.

If you get a "CVentriloStatus->Request() failed error, please goto this post.,911.msg223497.html#msg223497



Yes, I have one for team speak too. lol But I'm not done with that one. :)


tyvm ;D

it says on your site CVentriloStatus->Request() failed. No response from server.


I would be very interested in the teamspeak one as well :)


got a nice big error....
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: inlcude() in /home2/xxxxxx/public_html/forum/Sources/Load.php(1642) : eval()'d code(32) : eval()'d code on line 1
entire forum dissapeared after the error, so removed the block and it works again.


Yea, for some reason the status doesn't work 100% of the time when it loads in TP. Not sure what causes it. What did you do Moocat? DId you just include the file? It shouldn't have anything to do with Load.php.


copied all your code exactly except changing paths around a little bit to lead to the right directory
i don't know what the problem here is lol but it says load.php.


I have the same error and problem when I run it as well. The likely cause is the linux exe file because if you run ventrilotest.php you get this error:
CVentriloStatus->Request() failed. PHP Unable to start external status process.



This is all that dumps out on the page. I put all of the files in a folder named ventrilo off of the smf forum main folder and have tried several different links in ventriotest.php to see if it just isn't pointing correctly and every time I still get the same error.

Perhaps both of our web hosts have prevented programs from running and that is causing the error. I don't know but I'm most dissapointed. :(

This script would be just what my site needed if I could get it running.