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Author Topic: [Wiki] Software integration problem with autoadd of \  (Read 1247 times)

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[Wiki] Software integration problem with autoadd of \
« on: August 02, 2008, 05:41:24 AM »

First facts:
I’m running SMF1.1.4 with TP0.9.8. The theme is SMF default. I have modified the first tables in index.template.php and a modified style.css. So nothing to write home about. The installed mods are adding some bb-code (spoiler, youtubevideo) so the sourcefiles are nearly original.

Some times ago I tried to figure out, how to integrate a Wiki into my site.
I know this thread "TP + SMF + pmWiki". Works well, but I don’t want an iframe because a right click breaks the integration.

Then I found this thread "How to Make a Page at a different URL Yet, Keeping the TPish effect." and give it a try.

I put the code from the first post  (with additional tp_hidebars atm.) into the DokuWiki and the effect is nearly perfect.
You can see it here: ""

Obviously I use dokuwiki-2008-05-05 (latest stable) without a user-bridge. It’s a working stand alone installation.
It also is functional while integrated, besiedes the problem I will describe (soon).

Why I ask here:
Now I know that SMF is involved and Dokuwiki, so it is not a TP only question.
But the effect, I will describe very next, seems to happen also with some blocks if (stupid me) somebody choose the wrong block for some code.
Additionally I don’t know where to ask instead. SMF won’t help, because TP is involved and a second software. DokuWiki won’t help because SMF an TP are involved.
So I ask here, because if this kind of integration is possible with TP, it could be a great improvement.
(I know something similar can be found in TP 1.x but not for complete different software and a subdomain - mentioned here - if I understand it correct. )
I hope that you don’t harm me for asking.

Now, a short description of the problem.

While open a Wiki-text to do some changes, an extra \ is added before every \ that is inside the text already.
A \\ causes a linebreak in DokuWiki.
Code: [Select]
This line should end here with a break\\
and the next row starts with an and.

While opening this example, it transforms to
Code: [Select]
This line should ende here with a break\\\\
and the next row starts with an and.
which breaks the markup.

I noticed this after I put some php code into a script block, or vice versa (can`t remember).
TP added a \ before every ‘
So I think the “automatic” \ is a feature of the SMF/TP environment and  because of that, I hope that somebody can give me a hint.

Kind regards

Marked as solved.
Don't ask me why, but there was a problem with magic quotes. My host denied to switch settings, with some good arguments.
To edit the SMF/TP or DokiWiki source was no option, but while searching (for hours) ....
To make a long story short, I have redone the edits in doku.php and put them into the main.php of the tpl folder.
Perfect integration.
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