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Big problem with Arabic language !

Started by Master, August 08, 2006, 09:23:10 AM

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I have big problem the TP doesn't support Arabic language

you can see that the direction in general works but when you look at the left and center bar you can see that the alignment is to left only the right bar is correct

how to make the alignment for all sections to right Please Help me

i tried to add <html dir="rtl"> in index.template.php and it will make all direction right but the whole page will depart to right causing something wrong with pictures
please help !  :-\


I think there is a solution in here (not 100% sure though), but i have seen arabic sites have the forum and the content show correct from the left to the right, instead of right to left.
Look in forum and see if you can find any thing about it, or agridoc might have something in his pocket that can help you  ???


This is not a TP issue, right to left character direction is defined for an SMF language in index.[language].php in  /Themes/default/languages.

You wil find in index.english.php

// Character set and right to left?
$txt['lang_character_set'] = 'ISO-8859-1';
$txt['lang_rtl'] = false;

That should be in index.arabic.php

$txt['lang_rtl'] = true;

I am surprised it' not already set so.
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The same theme without TP is working fine

the issue is a TP issue

you see in the image that the forum is directed from right-to-left but inside cells isn't there is something wrong

i am waiting  for your reply and thank you ;D


Can you look in your TPortalblocks.template.php and see if you find the same code bits agridoc pointed to in his post?
If they are there, can you try change it to the correct code he provided to ?
Remember to backup the file before you change it :)



i have to say that the direction works partly in some parts  only like menu bar & Content box & Search box & Themes box & User box but every thing else isn't like News or The Forum itself

you can see in the image that inside left menu and main menu the direction is from left-to-right
but in right menu the direction is all-right from right-to-left

so the dir="rtl" or $txt['lang_rtl'] = true ;
works fine there is another problem that i can't determine Please Help Me !   ???


Master could you give a link?

I see adnan' s site (in Persian) and it' s properly right to left while yours seems to me not to be so. I am referring to the SMF message board.
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i am working on my computer

but the problem is that all themes cause the same problem if i use English version it is perfect
but when i change to Arabic the problem begin even in my admin panel

all themes that i use were tested on Arabic forum with no problems but when i installed the TP mod all problems began

when i moved all blocks to the right menu every thing in it was good and the direction was good too
but still in the main menu isn't and i removed the left box
PS :
you have to know that the left menu is the right menu in English verion and the right menu is the left

you said SMF message board is there any changes in it to fit the TP ? ???


how to make sure that  $context['right_to_left'] is right in all files ??


Hi master ,

My website is a persian website and I also had the same problem .
You should change some codes in TP themes files .

open TPortalBlocks.template.php in your editor and find align="left" in whole file and change them to align="right" or remove all align="left"

Unfortunately , bloc's themes' files have  problems in right align languaes like persian or arabic and I said it in before !