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Create Your Own Instant Message Service For Your Site!

Started by alan s, August 06, 2006, 09:11:33 PM

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alan s

I found a nice little script this morning that enables you to have a free IM service on your website , I cant remember the site i got it off but anyway its probably in the copyright if anyones intrested , attached to the post is the .zip file with all the files you need to install the player + the instructions but here are the instructions anyway , also attached to the post is a free screens of the im service.


    *  A Linux or Windows Box installed and working properly.
    * Apache Web Server (
    * PHP version 4.2.x or better (mod_php) Apache module (
    * MySQL database server 4.0 or better (

Installation Instructions

1)     Decompress:  Untar/unzip the package

2)     Move:  Copy the contents (including the subdirectories) of php121/ to the desired directory on your web server (e.g. /home/paul/www/php121/)

3)     Set up database:  Import the contents of sql/standalone/php121.sql into your MySQL database.  PHPMyAdmin is recommended, but you can also 'source' it using the MySQL console.

4)     Edit configuration:  Copy php121config.php-STANDALONE to php121config.php, replacing the existing file.  Edit php121config.php and change all the variables to match your database and website configuration.

If you don't know any of these settings, contact your hosting provider or support department.

5)     Set up linking page:  On the page you want to link to PHP121, put this in the <HEAD> section:

<script type="text/javascript">

var newwindow;

function poptastic(url){,'name','height=500,width=230,left=20,top=20,toolbar=no,menubar=no,directories=no,location=no,scrollbars=yes,status=no,resizable=yes,fullscreen=no');

if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()}



6)     Create link:  Create the link to PHP121 on your site.  View php121index.php in a text editor to see an example of how to link to PHP121.

Use code similar to the following to create a nice contact-list sized window:  You need to edit the path to php121im.php if php121im.php is not in the same directory as your webpage that is linking to PHP121.

<a href="javascript:poptastic('php121im.php');">Instant Messenger</a>

7)     Delete sample index:  Delete php121index.php in the php121 directory as this is just a sample to show you how to link to php121 from your site.

8)     Create OWNER account:  Create a user account by browsing to the page with the PHP121 link and click on it.  The first user to sign up will be given OWNER privileges.

- OWNERs can give users ADMIN privileges.
- ADMINs cannot edit or delete OWNERs and they cannot give ADMIN privileges to other users.
- In the "Who's online" section, OWNERs are red, ADMINs are green, and USERs are blue.

9)     Supporting PHP121:  Go to to donate what you think is a fair amount for PHP121.  Commercial programs that do the same thing retail for $99 or more!

10) Finished:  Install complete.

Live demo :      (bottom left corner )

Test Im Account : User - Test   ,  Pass - Test

Enjoy  8)


Hey this looks great! But I alr have X7 Chat installed which integrates with SMF user database so...


Seems a bit over the top. But a great share anyway. Thanks Alan!


I have become comfortably numb!

Cripzone | Crip's Free 2.0.2 Themes


I have become comfortably numb!

Cripzone | Crip's Free 2.0.2 Themes



its free to use, as long as the copyright info stays on the bottom of the chat page

and ur zip is corrupted

alan s

If it was a pirate copy of the script i wouldnt have posted it up  ;)