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Small Image Gallery (flash)

Started by akulion, May 09, 2006, 10:53:22 PM

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hi :D

This is a SMALL flash image gallery and uses XML file list to import the images.

Please note this is not intended to be a FULL BLOWN image gallery - its only meant for use as part of a center block :)

Demo: Click here (an example of use - to introduce ur teams - u can use it for whatever though)

This image gallery can only display images of dimensions Width: 300 Height 200 or below - bigger images will be cut off.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download this zip file

2. Unzip file and open the images.xml file with notepad

To add images
Simply add another tag like below


You can add as many, the flash file will automatically pick up the info in the XML file

To remove an image
Simply remove the image tag you dont want

A small caption can be added to each image between the captions tags in the XML file

Very important Note
All the flash, images and XML files should be in the same directory. You MUST put the FULL image address in the XML file (also please make sure that if your page starts with a www then add a www as well in the xml file)

Needless to say but will be said anyways
Please be sure to replace all the URL's to correspond with your own server URLs inside the XML file

3. You can rename the flash file to anything you like but be sure to change the codes inside the HTML file to correspond to the changes (if u rename the flash file)
!!! - The XML file must not be renamed or the image gallery will stop working -!!!

4. Upload to your server

5. Just copy the embed code for the flash inside the HTML file to a block and activate it  and Enjoy :D

PS: this code has been added to the "block code index under 'f' as "flash gallery (small)"


I can't get this to read my .jpg files. The movie will display ok on the page but its blank with test test at the bottom and the back next buttons... pics won't show up...

any ideas?



sorry for the late reply but i was away

Try resizing the images to the exact dimensions of 300 x 200 or below

Bigger images dont get displayed unfortunately

Also make sure that the XML file , images and the flash are all in the same directory and make sure the image addresses are specified fully liek

Lemme know if it works


I just realized something...since ur using it with TP you may need to place the xml, flash and pics in the forum root


im discussted akulion, im not in the Demo Page... :P



originally i was making a demo with everyone in it

but the image editing got tiresome and so just went with the ones already made :D



It's nice code but hard to update , hu hu


hey elpvn man! where have u been - nice to see u again :D


Quote from: akulion on August 17, 2006, 12:14:35 AM
hey elpvn man! where have u been - nice to see u again :D

Last Summer ? take part in a volunteers youth and travel Hanoi capital from end to end with some my friends ....  O0

I'm on left  ;)


I have become comfortably numb!

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I hope that we will has a member pictures collection when Bloc has done TP Gallery module  :)