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Help making Javascript function work correctly Die roller block

Started by pjr, March 15, 2006, 02:23:50 PM

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Below is a bit of simple code that doesnt work. How do I get the button push to make the call and return the value? Also for some reason there is a lot of blank space above the table when I create it. Can one of you more experianced TP useres help me out here?

<!-- Begin
var die = 6;
var dice = 3;
function dice_roll(die, dice) {
var roll = 0;
for (loop=0; loop < dice; loop++) {
roll = roll + Math.round(Math.random() * die) % die + 1;
document.roller.drtext.value = roll;
// End -->

<form name=roller>
<table border=2 cellpadding=2>
<td colspan=1 align=middle>Type?</td>
<td colspan=1 align=middle>Number?</td>
<td valign=top align=middle>
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 2">2
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 4">4
<p><input type=radio checked name=sides onclick="die = 6">6
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 8">8
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 10">10
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 12">12
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 20">20
<p><input type=radio name=sides onclick="die = 100">100
<td valign=top align=middle>
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 1">1
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 2">2
<p><input type=radio checked name=number onclick="dice = 3">3
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 4">4
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 5">5
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 6">6
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 8">8
<p><input type=radio name=number onclick="dice = 10">10
<td align=middle colspan=2>
<input type=button value="Roll Dice" name=button onclick="dice_roll(die, dice)">
<input type=text size=10 name=drtext>


Works fine for me. See the screenshot below. What I think you've done, is not change the block type from html to javascript/html. This will leave a space at the top.

[attachment deleted by admin]


You're correct I actually discovered that shortly after I posted. I thought I had deleted this post too. oh well! :)

Thanks however!



It works fine for me too.

Thanks for the code by the way. I made some small changes but it will fit in well with my RP site.


well I am running a play by post rpg site here so yes and no crip. Mitch what changes did you make always like to tinker myself...:)


Is that (Fire-Fly) a TV series on Si-Fi channel?
......If it is, I love that show, I've not missed one episode yet..
...I'm also a huge SG-1 fan too.. :)


Yes it is. It originally aired on Fox they canceled it and there was a movie called Serenity all available on DVD now


Quote from: pjr on March 15, 2006, 03:38:38 PM
well I am running a play by post rpg site here so yes and no crip. Mitch what changes did you make always like to tinker myself...:)

you can check it out here but be nice I am in midst of changing the site soo its a mess.
Not alot of things I just changed the looks of it a bit.

I heard I should watch fire fly

and serenity was a damn good movie.